Our Sectors

Our energy product offering is consumed throughout all sectors of the oil and gas industry - from upstream drilling and completion, exploration and production ("E&P"), midstream infrastructure development to downstream petrochemical and petroleum refining - as well as in other industries, such as chemical processing, mining, utilities and industrial manufacturig operations. The industrial distribution end markets include manufacturing, municipal water and wastewater and engineering and construction firms. We also provide supply chain and materials management solutions to the same markets where we sell products.


We Supply, You Produce

With our extensive materials management expertise, global network, vast range of products, procurement acumen and seamless logistics, we’ve got your supply chain covered, so you can concentrate on running your operation and keeping your people productive. Working with Atlantic Piping Distribution saves you from having to invest in your own supply chain organization and hire skill sets outside of your core business. This allows you to save on operating costs and run more efficiently.

We’ve developed a reputation for unmatched supply chain expertise at every level. It’s a reputation we’ve cultivated through innovative solutions and unrivaled levels of service. When you partner with Atlantic Piping Distribution, you can be assured that your job is running at peak efficiency so that you get the most out of your operation.

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